Sterile and Pyrogen Free


To obtain results, we must believe in them.

LS5 is the outcome of years of study and in-depth research on a project that is different from what the market is currently offering.

Why different?

Because different is beautiful. Difference widens the points of view and broadens the number of Customers potentially interested in obtaining a product or a service – in fact – different.

It is different because it makes a sterile and pyrogen free primary packaging available at accessible prices.

It is different because it is always available even in the tiniest quantity and with a wide range of elastometric closures (always in LS5 configuration) and aluminium closures (both standard and flip-off) included in the service.
It is different because it can be extended also to Customer-owned primary packaging, not necessarily produced in our plants.

The goal of this service is to go beyond the standard Customer-Supplier relationship by providing something of real value to pharmaceutical companies. This means lifting the burden of non-core operations and services from those whose business choice is not necessarily washing and sterilising primary containers.
The reason why ought to be evident: a pharmaceutical company and even a small lab need to focus on the patient’s health, patients with unique specificity. A modern primary pack supplier has the duty of offering a service to assist those who must concentrate solely on their Mission: resolving/decreasing patients’ health related problems. This is what we intended to do and LS5 is the product resulted from our research.

LS5 guarantees 10-12 sterility, prevents EO treatment of containers and reduces up to -40% the packaging’s environmental impact (we guarantee that our containers are 100% recycled with the new packback@alphial.euservice).