Our objectives are clear and simple:

  • to ensure top quality of the product.
  • to support the Customers in every phase: from the project groundwork to refining technical and aesthetic details.
  • to limit as much as possible the impact of our production on the environment endeavouring to greatly reduce waste.

We have patented a lighter packaging for the sterile ready to use vials, with 40% savings versus our competitors. We recycle almost all our production and packaging waste and we continue researching innovative solutions to go further in this direction.

Our activities are customer centric and we aim to improve our service offering, while always maintaining respect for the environment.

Thanks to our suppliers’ constant support, we select the best raw materials available and we have implemented improvements that have direct impact on the quality of our products. An ongoing investment in terms of money, logistics and skills.

We promote and recommend to our customers the use of glass as eco-friendly and recyclable material. In fact, we believe that plastic is not the only issue when it comes to environmental pollution, as the sustainability of this raw material hangs on our small daily gestures.